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Richmond Park - a good day out

Richmond Park - a good day out

It’s a new thing for me, a new thing for both of us and I’ve realised that I’ve been messing things up.

Trying to work from home is proving difficult enough as it is, what with those tiny little demands or desires to help out with the baby, or around the house. They are so many little cuts to the work of the self-employed man.

And I get frustrated. I need sustained time to get things done, to focus on the more complex, otherwise all that gets done are the small tasks, the easiest, least complicated. So my work suffers.

And the frustration seeps into the rest of life – so many times I get to the end of the day and feel I have done so very little. And I ponder staying up all night to do things, but know that if I do then the important family life will suffer as they get a tired, grumpy, anxious daddy.

And so when there are chances for us all to go out as a family to do things, meet friends, etc. I see only the opportunity to stay at home and do the things that I have not been able to do at other times.

Then a fortnight ago I realised what I was missing. This time when we are all at home is going to go by so fast, and is so precious, that it’s criminal for me to just chuck it all away.

So for the last two weeks we have chosen a day each week to get out and go places, just the three of us. We’ve managed to choose lovely sunny days, probably the last before Autumn properly sets in, and been out to parks and National Trust houses.

They’ve been beautiful, fun, precious times – I kick myself for not realising earlier that my focus was off – and we’ll continue to do them for as long as we can. Rain or shine.

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