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Now, I’m not daft, I knew that there would be what you might call “sleep issues” with a new baby, I was expecting that. I thought it was something I could cope with, and in general I am, but for some reason I was expecting a fair degree of stability.

I thought well he’ll wake this number of times at night, and then he’ll go to sleep easy when he is tired during the day.

So as you can see, I may not be daft, but I am a complete idiot!

Even though he is only just over 3 months old I am already a bit vague at what week he did certain things, but I think it was at about the 2 month stage when he got into his own routine of sleeping 8 hours solid at night.

Oh how we were happy – and we let people know. It became the first thing we told people, it became my facebook and twitter update, we became the envy of mums both new and old.

That was then. Nowadays we are getting two wakes a night, sometimes three. And they always seem to be purely food-related.

So we are knackered and while I think there are probably some potential solutions; wake him at 11 for a feed to help him sleep through; try to get him back to sleep in a way other than feeding; OR me to feed him some previously expressed milk during the night, we are just a little too knackered to contemplate any of them without some resigned acknowledgement.

Come back daft-boy, I preferred being you!

Have you got any suggestions to help us?

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