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One of the reasons that I haven’t written much on this blog is because I always planned to have a Welcome video, where I introduce myself and tell my story.

But I have yet to get around to it. Admittedly I did decide not to on a number of occasions because I looked awful, staggeringly unshaven and tired that nobody should be subjected to seeing such a thing on the internet.

However the main reason that I haven’t done it so far is the lack of time and privacy that I need to actually do it. And this is the same for so many other parts of my work.

At the moment I am not a proper stay-at-home dad as my significant other is still at home and off work, and not due back until January. So I am not fully in charge and haven’t really got into a pattern or schedule.

I am also having trouble breaking away from the missus and young ‘un to get myself the concentrated time needed in order to get things done. But I need to otherwise I will have no clients left by the New Year.

So that is my problem at the moment – I am going to try and do some things to get past this and be more productive.

Let’s hope they work!!

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