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Hello and Welcome to CreditCrunchDad.co.uk, this is a long overdue welcome but hey better late than never!

My name is Paul and I am the self-styled Credit Crunch Dad. My story starts just over a year ago now, in early November 2008.

Mid-morning on a Saturday in early November I was nervous. Despite some mildly vague planning (getting a person and an item in the same place at the same time) and a fair amount of visualizing how things would happen, I was still nervous.

I shouldn’t have been. Right on cue, as The Proclaimers sang “I want to spend my life with you” I produced the antique ring and popped the question.

The next day we confirmed that my now fiancee was pregnant with our first child. It was quite a weekend!

Work was going as per normal but I had detected the past week or so that there had been increased pressure on me to finish a particular project. The company had been in trouble for a while but I had survived round after round of redundancies.

Until that Thursday.

So it had turned out to be really quite a week.


That November, December and early in 2009 were bad months for people looking for new jobs. I signed on, and kept looking for a new role. I had taken a short break after the redundancy but my redundancy payment was the bare minimum so I couldn’t take a proper break or start a new company or anything like I had been reading about in the papers.

So with no job on the horizon, but with a fast-growing bump making it’s presence felt, we returned to a solution we had hit upon a while ago. Many of my sellable skills don’t actually require me to be anywhere in particular. I could write articles, or develop websites, or be a professional bed-tester* from home.

So the decision was made that I would be the stay-at-home/work-at-home dad when junior came along.

* I made the last one up but it sounds wonderful.


And on July 16th, twelve days late, Max was born.


My partner’s job had always been quite safe. Until September. She and the rest of the company were told that they needed to be at a particular meeting. Despite being on maternity leave she went in.

All of her team were put under threat of redundancy.


In the past week or so she has been told that there is a job for her when she returns in January. If that hadn’t been the case then I don’t think that even Credit Crunch Dad had been an apt enough title – maybe Destitute Dad.

So this is me, hit hard by the Credit Crunch, being a new dad and trying to find my footing work-wise. I’ll be covering all of those things in the coming months as my journey twists and turns. I hope you are interested enough to follow my story.

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3 Responses to “Welcome – my story so far”

  1. Tweets that mention Welcome – my story so far | CreditCrunchdad.co.uk -- Topsy.com Says:

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  2. Rob Says:

    Followed a link you tweeted to get here since I’ve been following you on Twitter for some time.

    Sorry to hear of your story. It was only the other day that I was discussing with some work colleagues about how, despite reading of all the unemployment and economic downturn (especially how close we are the recession the UK underwent when we left the gold exchanged in the early 1900s) that I didn’t really know anyone who’d been affected by the credit crunch beyond inflated utility bills, car fuel and food costs.

    Now I’m not meaning to rub salt in your wounds by that statement. I’m really sorry that there are people, just like you, in the situation you’re in. There are too many people out there who just aren’t willing to work, taking from the state and giving nothing back. It’s obvious from your postings and demeanour that you want to work and be totally self sufficient.

    I will be following your posts with interest and hope that sooner rather than later I’ll be reading about a new job, better salary than before and more financial stability. Best of luck and I hope you managing to keep your chin up and not let this temporary situation get you down. The best thing about the time of will of course all the time you’ll be getting to spend with your son.

  3. Paul Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the comment and for following me – it still seems strange to have people interested in my ramblings.

    I have lots of things that I hope will come to fruition to help me become the stay/work-at-home dad that I’d like to be, some of which I shall write about soon!

    My son just celebrated my time at home with him by leaving a little bit of sick down my arm….

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