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iphone-baby-clothesI’m a geek. I am also now a father. Before the birth I purchased an app to keep track of how far we were in the pregnancy, and also keep our list of potential names. Since Max was born I have been using the iPhone even more to help me do and remember things – here are a list of my favourite 8 apps (in no particular order).

– Things
I’ve become a big of David Allen’s GTD philosophy but always fell down on the list-keeping activity as I never previously had something that was always on my person, and that I could easily manipulate the info. Things is the answer to my problems – it’s on my iphone, and on my mac, it syncs and allows me to see my tasks in numerous ways. Now I just have to find the time to do them….

– eBay Mobile
We had quite a few baby things given to us when Max was born, but as fast as he grows so do his needs and requirements, so we are always on the look out for the next thing for him to sit in, play with, etc. eBay Mobile puts all those searches and the chance to bid in my pocket.

– EverNote
So Things handles my stuff to do, but what about the other stuff, the bits of information that is normally scattered across my bookmarks folder, documents folder, email folders? That’s where Evernote comes in. I chuck stuff at it and then I can access it via iPhone app, Mac desktop app or via the web if those two aren’t available.

– pzizz Relax
Some people call them Power Naps – I hate that phrase as it is so 80s and so reminiscent of Thatcher. But I do those 20 minute sleeps during the day that help me rest a bit, get some energy back and face the day again. Pzizz Relax I first discovered on the Mac but now love the iPhone version that helps you wind down, relax, fall asleep and then wakes you after your chosen duration. Very neat and important when looking after a baby that drains energy out of you!

– Total Baby
It’s bad enough trying to take care of a new baby and yourself while suffering from levels of sleep deficiency that should be made illegal, but to also try to alter your babies schedule to something similar is difficult when you can’t remember the last time he/she fed, napped or crapped. Total Baby is a lifesaver for that – you can quickly and easily mark when feeding or sleeping begins and ends, as well as dirty nappies, baths and taking of various medicines.

– RunKeeper Pro
This uses GPS to help track your runs. How does that help with baby? Well for me it is a geek way to encourage me to go out and about pushing the pram and then compare the distance, speed etc on the RunKeeper website. I need to keep fit and make sure we are all getting enough fresh air – this helps.

– ReelDirector
I’ve taken many videos of my son on the iPhone but it’s not easy to alter them, and tart them up for public viewing, or even to combine different videos. ReelDirector helps you to do this quickly and easily.

– VideoUploader
After tarting up my videos with ReelDirector I use VideoUploader to send them to my chosen video-hosting site.

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