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pink_panther_blogIt’s been about 4 and a half months now since Max was born, but it does seem like forever. It’s difficult to imagine life without him around.

And it’s sometimes difficult to live with him around, because it’s difficult to stop some worries.

It’s a cliched thing but I still catch myself moving in close to his crib, holding my breath and listening to hear his own sounds of breathing. Or if I can’t hear him for whatever reason I gingerly lay a hand on his chest, feeling it rise and fall.

My fears dismissed I then usually turn the attempt to leave the bedroom without waking him into some sort of Inspector Clouseau series of pratfalls as my arm catches the crib, or I stumble over something on the floor, or walk into a bed, or go to grab something and end up juggling with it in a mildly impressive way!

Shortly after all this clumsiness he wakes up – and then I get concerned that he isn’t sleeping enough.

Vicious Circle anyone?

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