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line-in-sandThere has to be a line in the sand somewhere, a line that says right this is as shit as things are going to get for the moment, time to go back to the higher ground. There has to be a line…

It’s probably just the cold allowing me to get so maudlin, but hey I am a man with some sniffles so it is my prerogative!

It’s an hour and half now since Max woke up after about 45 minutes of sleep. He’s not going back to sleep whatever we do – actually scratch that, he is going to sleep but he is waking up and complaining as soon as he gets put into his crib.

Every night is different but we haven’t had a good nights sleep for months now, we started doing a 3 nights on, 3 nights off policy so one of us could get some shut-eye. Shortly after I got this bad cold which leaves me struggling to breathe and having to do loud nose-blows – not the sort of thing to help a baby to stay asleep.

And my staggering lack of productivity takes an even bigger nose-dive, just when my workload is growing, and when I should be putting some projects well behind me.


I didn’t even get to finish the above at the time as we spent an age getting him back to bed for what turned out to be a very disturbed night.

Things need to change.

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