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xmasRTLet’s get it out of the way now – I am a sentimental kind of guy. Especially at Christmas. I get excited about the release of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times for goodness sake – it brings back memories of my younger self walking our first dog down the road to buy the Christmas Radio Times and the TV Times. No I didn’t just like to buy a number of magazines, those were the days when the RT only listed BBC stuff, and TT had the other channels – I am that old!

And this year I was able to make that purchase while out for a walk with my 4-month old – child not dog.

So the Dad part of CreditCrunchDad is all good, and this Christmas season will, I am sure, bring about it’s own new special memories.

However the CreditCrunch bit isn’t so heart-warming. Money is not just “too tight to mention”, it is under investigation after reports of suffocation!

All told money isn’t as important as many other aspects of life, but when it is absent it does make its lack of presence felt.

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