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I should probably be recovering from a stag do today. But I’m not. And it has made me thankful. (This image is just representative of how I think it may have looked – spot the groom).

It’s probably best not to go over the lies and lack of understanding that led to things going so bad that I went from Best Man to not being invited to the wedding, let’s just say that I’m still waiting to find out what I did wrong, rather than what I am supposed to have done.

But as I played with Max yesterday morning, and he continued to amaze and amuse me, I felt very glad that I was there. I was there over the weekend as he learnt how to kick a ball and grinned like a mad man, I was with him as he got over his dislike of strawberries and gobbled them down. I was there yesterday after he fell and cut his lip which bled for a good few minutes and caused tears for a few more.

“I was there” with my son is infinitely better than “I was there” when so-and-so slipped into a drunken stupor.

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