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So there we were all booked into the River Cottage “Feeding your Baby & Toddler” day course (http://bit.ly/eotWaq), and booked into the beautiful looking Garden House Studio (http://bit.ly/hAK6ap). It was to be a birthday treat for me, a chance to get away and to learn some new ways to feed my son.

Yesterday we got a call to say the course was cancelled, due to lack of uptake. Now it’s disappointing to me that all our plans are messed up, and I won’t be able to take this course that I was looking forward to. But also I’m disappointed that apparently there aren’t enough people who want to learn about better ways to feed their baby and toddlers.

I know the price isn’t cheap, and maybe River Cottage shot themselves in the foot with that one as this is a new course and maybe an introductory price or invitations to parenting bloggers would help to kickstart interest, but still. There were only 20 places that needed filling, well 19 after I had booked.

BTW the River Cottage website still has the course for sale. So these are the reasons why, for me, despite loving the programmes and books they make, River Cottage = FAIL.

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