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It’s been a fairly constant factor in our lives that every now and again our baby, now toddler, will get a cold. When he’s awake and suffering from the sniffles there isn’t really much different to his non-sniffles days, apart from a regular delivery of snot and his attempt to run far away when we approach with a tissue.

But it’s when he tries to get to sleep that the real problems start. We’ve tried various things over the months without much success, I guess just raising the head end of his mattress up was the most successful although even this was just a little bit of help.

Sterimar Baby Event at Nobu

So I was really interested when I heard that Sterimar Baby was due to be launched in the UK. I have some history with what I’ll call the adult version as I used it when I had nasal issues and found it quite a godsend in helping to clear my nose and let me breathe.

Of course I was also just a little bit excited about going along to the Nobu restaurant in Central London for the launch and the 6-course menu….

I learnt quite a lot from the presentations and seperate discussions about how the 100% natural Sea Water helps with cleaning the nasal passages, and how it is so in rythym with our bodies.

But as ever the proof is in pudding, or in the nasal-spraying as it were. Luckily I didn’t have to put the son into all the draughts I could find in order to do my tests – a few days before the launch event he had started with a cold, which he had also passed on to me…

He’s not a fan of having things shoved up his nose but after just a couple of days he was really quite comfortable with the small nozzle and fairly gentle spray. This is a good thing, but the wonderful thing was how much it helped to clear his nose. With a tissue on hand we cleared up all the gunk that dribbled out quickly after the spraying.

His sleep was a lot better after use, and even though his sleep was still disturbed as his nose got blocked again after a few hours, we knew that with just a few sprays we could help him back to sleep.

Back when I used Sterimar I had issues in getting hold of it with a number of chemists saying they would have to order it in, not great. However they’ve made a leap forward with this and say it will be available in Boots and in most pharmacists.

So finally, I’d say, that you should definitely give this a try the next time your little one has a cold – I know this household will continue to do so, even if we won’t get another meal at Nobu each time we do!!

Find out more here.

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