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One of the things that lots of people emphasise when you become a parent is the importance of a routine, a schedule even. Well that’s all well and good, but what about the rest of your life, how does that hang together if you are sleep-deprived, forced into eating the easiest meals and snatching moments together.

Well for that I am now sorted, as I was lucky enough to win a Filofax Family Lifestyle pack from the Mothers Who Works website (http://www.motherswhowork.co.uk). Here is the info from their website:

“To help manage multiple schedules, a special week-to-view diary provides an overview of personal and family plans at a glance, while a whole host of useful features spread over 330 pages includes everything from a birthday party checklist to meal planners; and reminders on everything from your children’s sports activities to your pet’s vaccinations!

The best-selling Filofax Domino organiser comes with a super-practical elastic closure – making it easy to preserve its sleek and trendy good looks.

Inside, you’ll discover that each page in the Lifestyle Pack has been organised to make your life as simple as possible. For example, shopping lists are conveniently arranged into food groups and there are simple sheets to fill out which provide a babysitter with all the information they need without you having to write them an essay!”

At the moment there are lots of things in there that aren’t much use to us – a toddler is unlikely to attend many sports meetings. However that doesn’t mean that they won’t come in useful in the future!

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