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Well having a week with the missus and baby was fun, though a little strange. It’s times like this that we realise plans are important so that we don’t just waste the time.

This is a lesson we learnt by the middle of the week. As the stay-at-home dad I treat weekends as a certain amount of a break. I look after the boy until 11am every weekday, and on all but 2 days a week I also look after him for the rest of the day. So on weekends I delegate responsibility, and I decided to continue that into the start of the week.

Unfortunately my version of delegation is a bit too subtle so we end up just drifting along doing very little, not helped by the little ones bad sleeping pattern at the moment.

We managed to get past all of that though and had a great final few days of the week, including a lovely time in Richmond Park that was only slightly spoilt by the failure of the sun to break through the clouds. My personal fave moment then was seeing the little one, recently found stick in hand, running towards the birds (not in a chasing way, just fascinated). He looked like a little savage stalking prey. That’s my boy!

We also managed to get to the Wacky Warehouse in Greenford on one of the days which was great fun. He generally loved all the soft-play things, clambering around, though wasn’t as happy with the deep ball-pools which he would slowly disappear into…

Rounding out the week with our usual visit to Monkey Music, but this time with Mummy, made it a good birthday week for me overall.

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