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Saturday marked seven years with the other half. I realise I am so lucky to have finally found this relationship and for it to have blossomed in the way that it has.

There have been ups and downs, of course there has, but we’ve ridden them all confident in the choice we made to be with each other.

We’ve not joined the ranks of the married couple as yet, but cannot rank this as being as important as our relationship and our child. I’ve always been of the same opinion, that marriage isn’t as important as the actual relationship.

I’ve seen and heard of relationships that get focused on a marriage, in fact focused on a wedding day, without first making sure that the foundations of their relationship are strong enough, that all the imperfections are not papered over, but accepted and known of. It’s sad when these relationships collapse, but it’s also easy to see the writing on the wall in hindsight when the focus is on a day, an event, a wedding – a celebration of something that barely exists.

Seven years ago Blair had just been to be buddy-buddy with Gadaffi. It’s amazing how the world changes.

It’s amazing how I look forward to the next 7 years, and more.

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