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Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? I am of course talking about the gap since my last blog post and this, and not talking about the last time that the News of the World was just a little amusing jokey paper you would buy for a giggle.

After having some initial successes at blogging at fairly regular intervals, I managed to have the usual life backlash. In other words one, two or even all three of the baby, the missus and myself would be unwell for a time, sometimes one illness rolling into another.

Then we would have a return to the bad old days of cack sleep from the toddler, knackering everyone out. And of course when he got an illness we felt it best to keep him away as much as possible from the Nanny’s toddler. Which meant I was looking after him for more days – tiring me out even more. And so I would become susceptible to illnesses…. And the cycle began again.

It would be a little foolish to think that we’ve broken that (only last night he woke up at 1.30 and didn’t got back to sleep properly for an hour and a half), but I am going to schedule blogging a bit more to try and work around these problems.

Wish me luck!!

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