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First off I know that this is just like spitting into the ocean, that my little blog entry is a small item in the thousands of newspaper stories, blog entries and news reports, but still I want to add my tuppence worth. To get it out of my head at least.

I have found over the years that papers like the News of the World and their ilk are viewed as like comics, nothing to be taken seriously, a little bit of idiocy on paper. There is a hell of a lot right about that, but a similar amount wrong – something which is becoming staggeringly more obvious as the days go by.

There are some sick individuals who believe that these things are ok, that these intrusions are somehow part and parcel of getting a story. Luckily most people don’t agree.

It is not enough however to accept what the rest of the media appears to be calling for, the usual sacrificial lambs and some supposed “closure”. If Rebekah Wade leaves her job I am sure that she will reappear in a years time still claiming innocence and maybe even trading on her history to get an even better paid job – more than likely helped along by the book she’ll have time to write. A loss of one job to people like this is nothing – these job losses won’t affect their ability to live day-to-day, we won’t see them down the JobCentre.

The culture that allowed the NOTW, and I am sure some other newsrooms, to find these actions to be fine, is the one that believes that profit is king. The same one that allowed Banks to gamble so recklessly with their customers cash, and their own cash, to a degree that all was likely to be lost.

Tabloid newspapers are a strange beast in that they purport to “report the news”, alongside comment and criticism while angling the whole newspaper towards being a product that sells. If a news story is horrific then this will be played up, dramatised, skewed. People, who may well themselves want celebrity or actually may not, are written about with little regard for truth and accuracy. Privacy is ignored until such time as it can be used as a dirty word, suggesting the hiding of illegality.

For the readers it may be amusing to read, it may seem like the tabloid is a comic. But the readers are not really important here. The subjects of the reports are the important people. Lies, intrusion and harassment can wreck lives, they also sell newspapers.

Maybe the time has come to re-examine the role of the tabloid, not by banning them as much as that may be a preferred choice of many, but by controls that hit them where it hurts whenever they have, or plan to, hit innocent people where it hurts.

Or shall we just give a well-paid woman some gardening leave and say that’s that?

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