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So it’s back to Nursery day today, and I’m up at just gone 6am writing this (I was actually awake at 5.30 but no part of my body was idiotic enough to make me get up at that point), planning the day.

It was quite a varied week all told. The plan for the week that I crudely sketched out on the weekend before included 4 mornings of swimming lessons, followed by a lot of travelling here and there for playdates, visits to museums, soft-play, etc.  That plan was left in tatters on the monday morning as, 30 minutes before we were due to start his first swimming lesson, my boy began to chuck up – all over me.

He quite rightly hates vomiting so was not only ill but also quite upset.  We cancelled the swimming, had another vomit, then he put himself to bed – one of those very times when those 6 words go together in that order when talking about a toddler.

I’m not sure what he caught, but I managed to be ill the next day, and so was he so we ended up both being looked after as the other half took time off work.

That pretty much kiboshed the first half of the week, and then on friday I agreed to take the boy to meet his Grandma at the Science Museum.  I planned to be there at 10.30 but a reluctant toddler and bad journey meant that we arrived at the same time as a great surge of humanity at gone 11.  It is such fun to be in a place filled with so many kids and parents…..

So today is back to Nursery – hurrah!!

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