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So there we were, in the newsagent across the road from my toddlers nursery. Picking up some forgotten essentials, maybe even the odd piece of child-targeted chocolate. And for some bizarre reason the topic that my toddler chooses when he starts talking to the man behind the counter is how a couple of the lightbulbs in our bathroom had stopped working.

By the time we are having this conversation all those lightbulbs had been replaced, something I pointed out to the newsagent after looking puzzled at the toddler as to why he randomly said this.

In a misguided attempt to praise me in front of my son, the newsagent struggled to remember a character that my toddler might recognise that is good at fixing things around the house.

“Your dad, he is just like …..” he said. He then spent a few seconds trying to remember the name.

I had already finished the sentence in my head with ‘Bob the Builder’. I wished he had remembered that name as well. He hadn’t.

“….. Jim’ll Fix It” he finished.

We left shortly afterwards….

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